Jimmy Asija’s Sons – Hitarth & Hitansh Asija Making Special Maggie

Jimmy Asija a popular businessman and a well known producer and director of Film Industry has two children’s – Hitarth & Hitansh Asija.

Hitarth shares that he is going to make an exciting thing 😉which we usually make when we are with our cousins or watching movies at 2 or 3 at night. We all crave for it so today he is going to make Maggie😋.

So what we need for this recipe is: Patila😂, Amul butter, Maggie, Tadka Pan no need to wonder why this🤔, Hitarth has explained the reason for it also continue reading to know it🫣 and we also need some extra Maggie Masala and what else, the major ingredient Hitarth forgets to tell us all that is water. Wow what an amazing person.🤣

So what we have to do is 👉Put Patila 😂on the stove then put 2 cups of water to it and then turn on the gas😯, Hitarth likes to keep the flame high🫡, now adding Maggie to the Patila by breaking into two three pieces and then with the help of scissor cut Maggie Masala that comes with Maggie itself and put it in, now we will give a mix🤩 Hitarth loves soupy Maggie😯 that is why he added extra water at start, he feels in dry Maggie he didn’t get those flavours which he feels in soupy Maggie🤔

So now its turn to reveal the reason of tadka pan😜, Hitarth now adds 1 packet of Maggie Masala to the tadka pan and butter accordingly now put the pan on the flame to mix it well and after that what he does is he pour the mixture to the soupy Maggie😛 that he had made and stir well after that to make it more tasty😋 what he does is he adds little water to the tadka pan to remove all the access masala that was left on it🤣

Now give 3-4 boils to the soupy Maggie that he was making and also mix all the masala evenly😬

Hitarth shares that in his house his father is the one who is the best Maggie Chef🧑‍🍳 if he tries his recipe then also he cannot make it and also shares some more information about it😐 and put the Maggie to bowl and shared why he didn’t bring him in the whole video is because he is short and cannot do kitchen work🫡, then he took the Maggie to Hitansh to eat then asked him to give a review so Hitansh says you had made the tasty Maggie for the first time😯 and don’t act much on camera🤣

Likewise they ended the video joking around with one another😂.

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