Jimmy Asija

Jimmy Asija is one of the well-known Producers in India. Recently, he presented the Movie named- “Mera Fauji Calling” in which Big Stars like Sharman Joshi, Vikram Singh, Bidita bag performed well. Apart from this Movie, Jimmy Asija has given various movies & Web Series to this Indian Cinema Industry. His success is the result of his hard work only. He started his journey with a salary of Rs. 4500/- only and achieved the path of success through continuous efforts. He worked in a call center, event management company, & lots of. He got married to Siya and Got two sons from her- Hitarth & Hitansh. 

Now, he is the owner of a production house and serving to film industry through comedian, action, & inspiration movies & stories. Stay Tuned to know about his plans!!

Movie Making


Food Distribution by Jimmy Asija at Old Age Home & Orphanage
Jimmy Asia Cut The Cakes in an orphanage for his sons
Jimmy Asija & His Team distributed Khichdi as Prasad at Sai Dham
Footwear distribution by Jimmy Asija in Anath ashram
Khichdi Distribution at Shirdi by Jimmy Asija Team
Pakshi Bachao Abhiyan by Jimmy Asija