Jimmy Asija’s Sons – Hitarth & Hitansh Asija’s Uttarayan Vlog

Jimmy Asija a well known businessman, producer and director of Film Industry ( especially Gujrati film industry) has two son’s – Hitarth & Hitansh Asija.

Hitarth has bought you some new content😁 like Raksha Bandhan’s vlog so he came up with the idea of Uttarayan’s vlog too and it is his favourite festival from all as he loves to meet his friends😍 and he loves to fly kites🪁. So let’s get started with this.

As this is an outdoor vlog so while moving forward Hitarth sees Hitansh and his best friend playing football, he feels a little upset😒 as his best friend doesn’t wish him Uttarayan and even his little brother, also instead of flying kites🪁 they are playing football.😏

So he challenged the noobs😎: his little brother and his best friend to fly kites with him and then they bet, if they are able to win from Hitarth then all the kites of his will be there’s😉, and then his brother starts making his fun by doing kite flying actions.😂

Then there was one more friend came that was a girl💃. She says that she also wants to fly a kite🪁 and they all started making fun of her as Papa Ki Pari and betting if she actually knows how to fly a kite then all the kites of three of them will be hers.🫣

So he cancels his bet with the boys and continues the bet with the girl. To show who is a pro and a noob😎

Hitarth tried to fly the kite with Hitansh and his best friend but failed,🤣 so now it’s the girl’s turn💃, she says I’ll show how to fly the kite and will manage everything by herself and finally she won🥳 and boys lost.😣 Now they are actually upset to know that they don’t know how to fly the kite and decided to play football at last only.🤣

Then the boys made fun of each other and wished Happy Uttarayan to everyone.😍

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