Jimmy Asija’s Sons Compare MacD VS Burger King

As we know the person Jimmy Asija- A well-known name in Film Industry. He is a businessman, Movie Director, and Producer. His sons – Hitansh and Hitarth are also very popular YouTubers and Social Media Stars.

Today, Hitansh and Hitarth do MacD VS Burger King Challenge. So they compared the cheapest burger of both MacD and Burger King. First, enter in MacD and buy the cheapest burger which is Alloo Tikky. Next they enter in Burger King and Buy the burgers. In the Middle, the cutie hitansh got tired 😂. They went to their home.

They Opens the Pack of Burgers and start with MacD Burger. It was so delicious said both the Asija Brothers. Next it’s turn of Burger King. It was so yummy and delicious. Now the comparision result is –

In Terms of Quantity:

– MacD – 9.5/10

– Burger King – 9/10

In terms of Taste:

– MacD – 10/10

– Burger King – 10/10

In Terms of Packing:

– MacD – 8.5/10

– Burger King – 10/10

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