Jimmy Asija’s Sons – Hitansh and Hitarth Asija Playing Can Roll Challange

Jimmy Asija, As we know the person is a popular businessman, producer, and director. He has two children – Hitansh and Hitarth Asija.

Hitansh and Hitarth were playing games with their friends Karmm and Aarav. Let’s start with the rules. There are 5 or 6 partitions divided and some gifts are there like Nachos, Powder, Pepsi, or 500 Note. The person has to scroll through the can and the person will get the gift which can stop. If they can stop out of the section then the person will get punched ?. The first turn was of Hitansh and He got powder on his face ? . Now Player No. 2 is Karmm, he got the same as Hitansh – Powder on Face ? . Now the game looks so interesting Keep reading. Player No. 3 is Aarav – First, his can stops at the White belt and he got a second chance, next his can also fall down. He got the Powder on his face?. It’s Turn for Hitarth, his can stops at the White belt two times and he got the third chance and this time he wins Pepsi ?

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