Pizza ? Distribution in Anath Asharam by Jimmy Asija

Can anyone survive without food? No ways. It is the first necessity of life. Here, Jimmy Asija is one of the social activists who always spare some time to act for the needy and poor people. Yes, he is been helping various orphanages & organizations in the form of money, food, Footwear, and other things. 

Recently he donated Pizzas to orphans at an orphanage. They should have a right to taste the continentals, apart from the regular foods. The motive behind distributing Pizzas is not to boast about the status. The motive is to fulfill their small dreams too. Jimmy Asija is one of the successful producers of Gujarati movies and has fame in the film industry.  

Money is not the only thing through which bits of help can be done. You must have a true desire to serve the people and you will find ways to do it.