Pakshi Bachao Abhiyan by Jimmy Asija

Jimmy Asija is a known name and self-made man in the cinema industry, who has his own production house with JRK Films’ name. Over the years. He is a man who has built his empire with his sweat and efforts. Over time, he has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best talents in the country. 

 Jimmy has always believed in giving the young talent a platform to showcase what they have and push them towards giving them the right opportunity. Jimmy is a hard-working and determined man who has always left no stone unturned in giving his art the best. 

 Save Bird Foundation

Apart from being a great artist, Jimmy also has performed the duties of helping society. He is a firm believer in taking care of the environment around us and can be called a self-proclaimed environmentalist. Jimmy has his own ‘Save Bird Foundation,’ which he takes very seriously. Very often, he, along with his team, hold multiple drives for the foundation.

 Jimmy’s core aim to start this foundation is to help people get aware of the beautiful animal life our country has. He wants the citizens to be more mindful of the safety of the birds. Also, he makes sure that the birds get enough food to feed; they have shelter, especially during rough weather such as rains, windy weather, extreme heat, etc.  

Hence, he surely is one of the biggest assets of society, and we need more people like Jimmy to help save our flora and fauna.