Khichdi Distribution at Shirdi by Jimmy Asija Team

Jimmy Asija is the perfect example of a man with a golden heart and a great value system. Today, there are very few people who genuinely feel for society and go on to take extra efforts to contribute back. Our community has given us everything, our identity, wealth, family, material things, etc. Hence, we undoubtedly must perform our part in the best way possible without expecting anything in return.

Jimmy Asija is a classic name in the film industry who has himself have had a humbling past. He is a renowned producer and director in the Gujarati film industry and the Hindi film industry. He has a famous production house named – JRK Films, which has been the name behind many successful movies, songs, short films, etc. Although we all know Jimmy Asija as a powerful and influential man, not many of us know of him as a man who is the most giving person.

Jimmy Asija and his entire team visit Shirdi very often to count their blessings. However, this is no it, as they do a whole Khichdi distribution drive at the Shirdi temple. All the visitors, staff, and everyone is invited to have the deliciously made Khichdi by the Jimmy Asija team. Jimmy makes it a point to do such food drives to primarily serve the needy people who are a little less privileged and do not get enough food to survive.

Society needs more such people to lay a helping hand to the people out there.