Jimmy Asijs’s Sons – Hitarth Asija & Hitansh Asija made Reel With Actor Ali Asgar

Jimmy Asija is a very popular name not just in the Gujarati film industry but also in the Bollywood film industry. Jimmy Asija is one of the most known businessmen, producers and directors in the film eternity.

Jimmy is happily married and has two adorable kids named Hitarth and Hitansh who are also aspiring social media stars. At such a young age, the two brothers are thriving hard to make their name and identity.

The Fun Reel With Actor Ali Asgar:

Recently actor Ali Asgar’s Instagram video got viral where he was seen making a reel and had enrolled Hitarth and Hitansh in them. The reel was very funny, showcasing Ali Asgar, a driver acting like a boss. As soon as Hitarth and Hitansh came, he got scared and blooper music started playing. The reel was very interesting and received lakhs of impressions.

Both Hitarth and Hitansh are very creative and are always seen coming up with new trendy ideas to spice up their social media. Creativity and filmy andaaz came from their father Jimmy Asija who is a famous producer of many Gujarati films and has his own production house.

Although today Jimmy Asija enjoys great goodwill in the market, nothing came to him easily. He has worked very hard to reach where he is, and he teaches both his sons the same.

Over the years, he has produced and directed multiple regional and Bollywood movies, songs, ads, etc. He has also given a break to considerable young talents who had no background and made sure they get equal opportunities. 

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