Jimmy Asija – Saving Life’s by Providing Oxygen Cylinders:

A lot is happening around is, since the start of the second wave of the COVID-19 Virus. The whole country is in a state where there is a shortage of even some very basic resources such as oxygen cylinders. Over the days and weeks, there have been numerous deaths that have taken place due to not getting these resources on time. 

Many people are coming out to lend their helping hand when It comes to providing these resources. Jimmy Asija, a renowned producer and director of many Gujarati and Hindi films, has always come in front to help people in these dire needs.

Distribution of Oxygen Concentrators:

Jimmy Asija, along with his team, have taken it upon themselves to distribute oxygen cylinders during these tough times to the needy people. The team has started an initiative with Blind People’s Association, where they provide oxygen free of cost to the patients. Right from the moment this initiative was created, there was a great response from the people. 

Every day we are helping hundreds of people recover and get back to life with oxygen. We have decided not to charge a single penny, as these are when we are thinking way beyond monetary advantages. Our sole aim of this initiative is to help as many people as we can as a country. Now is the time to unite and fight back this deadly Virus. 

We have a total of 22 machines, out of which currently five are available with us. Whoever we gave the machines to were very loyal people, who came themselves to return these machines. 

Together as a nation, we can fight back and help each other. Jimmy Asija is surely a man of gold heart who is doing everything he can to help others! We hope more people in the country come in front to provide such extensive help.