Jimmy Asija Made a Difference On His Son’s Birthday

When it comes to talking about one of the most renowned producer, and a man with a golden heart, then the name of Jimmy Asija pops up. In the Gujarati Industry he is a very renowned name. He owns a production house names – JRK Films. Over the years, this label has been successful in producing plenty of songs, short films, movies. The best part about the production house is that, it tries and give multiple opportunities to new talent.

Recently, Jimmy Asija celebrated his son’s – Hitansh’s birthday by doing a very noble cause. Jimmy Asija and Hitansh along with other members over the crew, did a food distribution drive to the children of humble background. The initiative led to helping plenty of children eat yummy home-made meals, filled with nutrition.

This is not the first time, when Jimmy Asija has indulged in social service. He always believes that there is no short cut to hard work. Whatever he earns and achieves, he makes sure to give back to the society always. Hence, every now and then he holds food drive or indulges in other social activities such and Pakshi bachao to contribute his share to the society in every way possible.

Jimmy Asija wants to imbibe the same values in his son, by making him a part of it. Hitansh had one of the most fascinating birthday’s this year, which he celebrated with other kids.