Jimmy Asija & His Team distributed Khichdi as Prasad at Sai Dham

Balancing the art of taking from society and giving back to the organization does become challenging, indeed. However, 90% of the successful people generally know how to grab from the community and forget about giving it back. But there are still 10% of the considerate people and often think of regularly giving back to society. Jimmy Asija belongs to the 10% rare category.

Brief About Jimmy Asija:

Jimmy Asija is a known personality in the Indian cinema industry due to his extreme talent and humble nature. Over the years, he has not only grown professionally, but he has managed to win millions of hearts with his kind and sophisticated character. A man who himself had a humble beginning never forgets his roots. Very often, Jimmy has been in the news for his outstanding artistic work. He is a renowned producer and a direction and the owner of the production house – JRK Films. Many young children have gone the chance to showcase their talent under this banner and prove their mettle. Jimmy Asija believes in giving everyone an equal opportunity.

 Recently, Jimmy Asija, along with his team, visit Sai Dham, where they distributed Khichdi as prasad to all the visitors. He is a regular visitor of Sai Dham, and also, many times, he takes it on him to distribute prasad to everyone in and around the area as a noble gesture. 

All we know is, the society and the community is privileged to have such people still alive.