Jimmy Asija – Distributing Tricycles and Crunches to Handicapped and Beggars

Jimmy Asija is one of the very common names in households today when it comes to both Gujarati and Bollywood movies. Jimmy Asija owns his own production house. Just like any other normal being, Jimmy also had a humble start. Although his mother always wanted him to be an actor, he wasn’t sure of it. Slowly he was more inclined towards producing line and now is one of the most renowned producers of the country.

A Man With A Golden Heart:

Some people are humble, and then change when they get fame and money. On the other hand, there are people like Jimmy Asija, who know their roots always. Jimmy Asija leaves no stone unturned when it comes to giving back to society. He always feels that he is very lucky to be able to get everything he desired, and it is his moral duty to give back to the society.

Just some time back an incident happened with Jimmy Asija, which led him to do a very noble thing. He was just crossing the road and going for work when he saw a handicapped man struggling to walk and cross the road. He did immediately help the man, but he realized this is a very temporary solution. He then came up with an idea to distribute tricycles and crunches.

Very recently he went to carry out the distribution to handicapped and beggars. He provided them with free tricycles and crunches so that they can help them walk. He managed to serve multiple beggars and handicapped individuals around the area, and everyone felt really happy seeing his gesture.

Always Giving Back To The Society
This is not the first time Jimmy Asija came up with something like this. Earlier also he along with his team has carried out food drives, cloth drives, etc.