Jimmy Asia Cut The Cakes in an orphanage for his sons

Is it compulsory to celebrate at home? A celebration can be made anywhere, you just have true feeling and the best company to celebrate. Jimmy Asija felt happy to cut the cakes for his two sons in an orphanage. Through this, he wanted to win the hearts of orphans and wants to spread some happiness. They might not celebrate their birthdays, they might not have funds to cut the cake, they might not have different ways to be happy. Cutting the cake and blowing the candles is something children like the most.

As you can see in the images, Jimmy Asija has bought 4 cakes and got written the names of his two sons- Hitarth & Hitansh. kids were so happy with the cake celebration. It is the real joy we always look for. Participating in such small activities can be more joyous and happening. Here is a glimpse of the cake ceremony sponsored by Jimmy Asija