Footwear distribution by Jimmy Asija in Anath ashram

Donation or charity is not a fantasy, it is a humanity which is done to express thanks to God. yes, God has made us eligible to do social activities through which we can help needy people. If we talk about Anath Ashram, it is a place where homeless people spend their lives. They do not have any relatives or family members to visit them. Our single contribution may bring a smile to their faces.

Jimmy Asia is one of the social activists who visit the Orphanage or Anath ashram frequently to donate some part of his income in the form of Clothes, Food, Footwear, and daily necessities. Why should we leave the orphans on Roads to beg for money or clothing? 

Recently Jimmy Asia & his team visited the Anath Ashram and donated the footwear to kids and people reading there. He felt obliged and pleased while serving them. Donating them and watching a smile on their face, is a real pleasure for him. It is not a one day task. He is proactive in such kind of social activities. Serving the needy people can never be a matter of extra money. It is the willingness to help the people that can be done with having less or no money. Footwear distribution was quite Good at the orphanage. He motivates the youth generations to participate in such kind of social activities and to serve the poor people. 

How can we blame the Economy for poverty in India!! If we have something to donate, we should. Apart from Improving the lifestyles, the Youth generation should also work for the betterment of India by helping needy people and orphans.